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Cuban cigars have long been perceived as the best of the best. Although there are many high-quality handmade cigars worldwide, nothing beats a handmade Cuban cigar.

Each one is made in a way that has not changed for more than two hundred years, this knowledge, together with the unique mixture of sun, sea, and land, makes the Caribbean island of Cuba the perfect place to create the finest examples of handmade cigar art. Currently, twenty-seven brands and over two hundred and twenty different size options are available for the cigar lover. 

Whether it is a full-flavored Partagas, a smooth and creamy Cohiba or a Montecristo, the Cuban Cigar Group has cigars in all sizes and varieties. We have what you want, if you are new to the world of Cuban cigars, we will be happy to offer you advice.

 When you buy a cigar from Cuban Cigar Group, you buy over 15 years of experience in the trade and relationships forged with La Casa Del Habano Franchises.

Finest Cuban Cigars

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Ordering cigars from a new vendor can be scary and a little overwhelming, especially when shipping to certain territories with delivery problems, extravagant duty fees & other issues. We make every effort to reduce any apprehension you may have. We believe Cigars should be a break, a small getaway even if it’s just for a moment to decompress. The ordering process should be the same, as simple as Sunday morning.

Step 1

Find your favorite Cuban cigar and place your order. Your credit card won’t be processed until step 2.

Step 2

Pictures of your sealed cigars are sent to you for confirmation. Once approved, the order is processed and shipped.

Step 3

Cigars are delivered by a third party that specializes in parcel distribution in your country to guarantee delivery.

*We only ship sealed cigars, only exceptions are custom cigar samplers.

Cohiba Cigar best in class!

Some things in the world are best in class, and Cuban cigars are, without uncertainty, one of those things. Especially Cohiba Cigar, nevertheless, the first time I smoked a Cuban cigar was a fantastic experience, and the character was pleasant on my palate. Cuban Cigar Group exists to bring back the golden era of Cigars.

The history of the cigar brings us back to 1492 when the American landmass was being discovered. The Cuban inhabitants regarded the tobacco leaf as a therapeutic herb used as a calming, anti-parasitic, and sedative. When the Spaniards arrived on the Cuban shores, they found the residents lighting this strange new leaf termed Cohiba. They brought some back to Europe, and the market for Cuban tobacco skyrocketed. Since that very moment, Cuban cigars have been a coveted and distinguished commodity. Cuban tobacco farmers have never used specialized tools. This process is still performed by hand, preserving the same principles and traditions acquired generations ago. Five hundred years of tobacco cultivation experience, along with the island’s unique climate regions and soil properties, make Cuban cigars the best cigars in the world.

A good cigar demands time. The entire process, from the preparation of the field until the last leaf, is gathered, It takes nine months. Subsequently, the aging method can take up to 2 years. As with a bottle of great wine, the longer the leaf is matured, the higher the quality of the Cuban cigar. The final process is in the hands of the tobacco roller, who must apply expertise carried down by generations to produce the final product.

Smoking a cigar appropriates all five senses. One must recognize and savor the discretely hidden characteristics. Indulging in the sensation of handling a cigar between your fingertips and setting it on your lips, while being hypnotized by the billowing smoke as it advances, consuming you with its fragrance, is like a meditation. And should be experienced with good company, conversation, and a fine whiskey or rum.

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