Cuban Cigar Group PArtners

We love Cuban Cigars; it’s not just a cigar.

Cuban Cigar Group primarily works in Latin American countries which allow us to be competitive with our prices. We are not the cheapest or nor do we care to be. Our pricing model is on Quality and Speed; if the customer isn’t happy with the cigars, send them back, we’ll replace them, period.

Yes, it’s that simple. 

The few returns we receive are reviewed for quality and used as gifts for customers, partners, and employees, assuming the quality is excellent. It’s a win-win.

How can any La Casa Del Habano franchise compete with that? Realistically they can’t; this is why we exist. Our La Casa del Habano partners allow us to offer region-specific Cuban cigars to our customers and we help them move inventory. 

We also offer competitive affiliate marketing rates and wholesale pricing that allow us to sell the quantity required to be a great partner.

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