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Cohiba Behike Cuban cigars, according to reliable reports, Cohiba had always been known to have been launched in March 1982. However, it was later known that the brand had since existed since 1966 and that it had only been kept for the President of Cuba’s personal use.

It is said that a Prince then, named “Charles” usually gets some Cohibas from the ones the President of Cuba used to send to the House of Windsor. The Prince, however, does not smoke and so would always give out the special Cigars to someone named “Jimmy”. Jimmy would then give some out to someone again, who would also give some out to some other people. This was how few people still got little access to Cohiba Behike Cigars even though it was very scarce then.

Cohiba is said to be the name given to a roll of dry leaves amongst the people of Cuba; so to them, all cigars are Cohiba. The brand came to life when Eduardo Rivera, a cigar roller would always roll up some cigars for himself after work and would then share it with his friend who was a bodyguard to Fidel Castro. One way or the other, Castro received the Cigar from Rivera’s friend- who was his bodyguard, and because he so much liked the Cigar, He established a unique factory in a suburb of Havana. This Suburb was known as El Laguito (The Little Lake).

Due to a lot of suspected attacks on Fidel Castro, the suburb where Cohiba was produced- El Laguito, was made a very conserved and secretive location where only a few people knew about. Some of the best Cigar Rollers at that time were then placed at the factory to be able to continue the production of safe and reliable Cigars for the President since there were already suspecting a planned attack on the president.

The name “Cohiba” was chosen for the brand by Celia Sanchez. Celia Sanchez was Castro’s best confidant and she also talked him into making the factory a school for female cigar Rollers. El Laguito, hence, became the first school to ever train female cigar rollers and to date, most of the cigars from the factory are rolled by females.

In 1982, three sizes of the brand were released to the public. These three sizes are called Laguito Nos. 1, 2, 3 in the factory and they are regarded as Lancero, Coronas Especial, Panetela (they were all medium to full-flavored), to the public. The factory released three more sizes in 1992, the three were medium to full-flavored. The three sizes are Esplendido, Robusto, Exquisito. They were used to complete the present Linea Clasica which also means Classic Line.

Another five sizes were added in 1992. They were Siglos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Linea 1492). They were of medium flavor and in 2002, an additional size- the phenomenal Siglo VI was launched.

In 2002, three other cigars were added and they hard dark wrappers. They were medium to full-flavored and they were named; Cohiba Maduro 5. Another three were later added to it and these three were of very unique, unmatched, and flavored taste. It was named Behike.

Behike is said to be gotten from the Indians and according to the Indians, Behike means a person who organizes or mans a ritual. He can be a Priest or Herbalist. This name displays the leadership trait of the Cigar because it happens to be leading other cigars with its taste and Aroma. Habanos S.A., however, produced a substitute to Behike and they are in the sizes BHk 52 (Cohiba Behike 52), BHK 54 (Cohiba Behike 54), and BHK 56. (Cohiba Behike 56) Accidentally, they beat the factory names Laguito Nos. 4, Nos. 5, and Nos. 6. These numbers point to the ring gauges and it indicates the fact that three robust new sizes are waiting to be launched.

Habanos seems to be unique with producing fat and stout cigars overtime as it started with a 50 ring gauge being the largest previously- that is the likes of Robusto. Then it went on to produce the 52 ring gauge- which is the Siglo VI, after which it has now recently topped its’ production with the new sizes 54 and 56 gauge. This introduction in the sizes is a great innovation in the BHKs because it gives them the room to take in Medio Tiempo, which is the additional fourth kind of leaf in the mixture of the filler.

The Medio Tiempo, which is grouped as Fortaleza Cuatro, Strength 4, is a leaf that is extremely rare and is gotten from the two topmost leaves on the full-grown tobacco plants. Because it is not every plant that produces those leaves, the production of Cohiba Behikes is very limited and it’s availability is based on how skillful and dedicated the farmers are. The state of the climate while it is being grown, is also a high determining factor.

Though Medio Tiempo is rare and not easily available, when it is eventually available, the high level of its richness and aroma gives so much satisfaction that Cohiba Behikes are regarded as the peak of Habano’s display of flavor and richness.

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