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Montecristo Cuban Cigar

Montecristo Cuban cigars by Alonso Menéndez purchased the Particulares Factory in July 1935. The Factory was the then producers of Particulares and Byron (which was less popular). After purchasing Particulares Factory, He changed the brand name to Montecristo (The name was gotten from the père novel: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas).

[show_more more=Read-More less=Read-Less]IThe Montecristo Cuban cigar logo was designed by John Hunter Morris and Elkan Co. ltd. Menéndez partnered with someone and then created a new firm in July 1936, and he named it Menéndez, García y Cía.
The firm, however, purchased the faltering H. Upmann Factory in 1937 and brought in the Montecristo Cuban cigar brand there. In 1963, the firm merged with John Hunter Morris and Elkan Co. Ltd (the sole distributor of Montecristo in Britain), and they became “Hunters & Frankau” (which happens to be the sole distributor of all Cuban cigars in the UK to date).
The Montecristo Cuban cigars brand is the most famous Cuban cigar in the world today and this is said to be a result of the efforts of Alfred Dunhill (the company). Other famous Montecristo cigars include Montecristo No 2, Montecristo No. 4, and Montecristo Edmundo. In 1960, the Montecristo Cuban cigar brand and the factory, with all their assets, were nationalized by the government of Fidel Castro.
Montecristo Cuban cigars kept flourishing among cigar smokers through the 1970s and 1980s and have to date, become the most famous Cuban cigar in the world market. The main range comprises of medium to full-strength cigars while the Open series comprises light-strength cigars. Just five standard production cigars were in release pre-1960, more cigars were included from 1969, and The Open range was released in 2009. The commencement of special packages got in place in 1999 with the inclusion of Montecristo cigars in the Siglo XXI Humidor.[/show_more]


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