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Vegas Robaina Cuban Cigar

Vegas Robaina Cuban Cigars is the brand name of the premium Cuban cigar produced by the state-owned Habanos SA in Cuba. Alejandro Robaina was a household name amongst cigar enthusiasts, mostly for being one of the most incredible tobacco farmers in Cuba’s famous Vuelta Abajo region. About 80% of his tobacco harvest was being used as wrapper leaf for Cuban cigars every year; it’s just about 35% for other plantations.

[show_more more=Read-More less=Read-Less]In 1997, The Habanos SA deemed it fit to honor him by creating a new range of cigars that bear his prestigious farmland name. They created the following cigars called Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro, Vegas Robaina Famosos, and Vegas Robaina Unicos. In Havana, Vegas Robaina, produced at the former Upmann factory, has become a favorite amongst cigar enthusiasts.

Don Alejandro has attained celebrity status in the Cuban cigar industry. This is evident in how his cigar farm in the San Luis region of Vuelta Abajo regularly plays host to cigar enthusiasts and tourists alike. Cuban cigar lovers are delighted at the idea of meeting the legendary Don Alejandro and his famous tobacco farm.

Robaina grew up in Vuelta Abajo district’s tobacco-growing region even though he was born in Alquizar of Cuba’s La Habana province. His family had been growing tobacco in that district since 1845. He joined the business as soon as he turned 10. He became the head of the plantation when his father, Maruto Robaina, died in 1950. He maintained his status as an independent grower despite the absorption of many other plantations into cooperative organizations during the 1959 Cuban revolution.

Many top cigar brands like Cohiba and Hoyo de Monterrey have adopted the tobacco leaves from Robaina’s plantation as it’s considered to be top quality. Also, Robaina carries the tag of ‘Godfather of Cuban tobacco’ to this day.
The Cuban government has also recognized Robaina as the country’s top tobacco grower in the 90’s. The government established the Vegas Robaina cigar brand via the state-owned Habanos SA to recognize Robaina’s achievements in the Cigar industry. Experts have often found it difficult to detect Robaina’s tobacco in Cigars, and he hasn’t been forthcoming with answers to such inquests. Robaina remains the only tobacco grower with a Cuban cigar brand in his name; Robaina traveled worldwide for the past decades in an ambassadorial role for Cuba’s tobacco and cigar industry. Old age has reduced his traveling frequency, and he now receives thousands of visitors and tourists in his plantation annually.[/show_more]

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