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La Gloria Cubana Cuban Cigar

La Gloria Cubana Cuban Cigars, a Cigar produced for the Cuban state-owned Tobacco Company in Cuba. It was produced by Sociedad Cabañas y Castro in 1885. Though the Cuban cigar brand was initiated by Sociedad Cabañas y Castro, it was later bought by José F. Rocha in 1905. José F. Rocha had a Cuban cigar factory at Havana where he manufactured the La Gloria Cubana cigars and the brand sold out.

[show_more more=Read-More less=Read-Less]Rocha, however, died in 1954, and after his death, the La Gloria Cuban brand and also another brand known as Bolivar Cuban Cigars (which was also produced by Rocha’s factory), were sold out to the Cifuentes family. The La Gloria Cubana cigars were then moved to Partagás Factory and up to date, it is still being produced at the Partagás Factory.

The Cuban Cigar brand became a much-known export brand. However, its production stopped for many years after Revolution and it stopped being available. This continued until 1965.

In 1965, the brand was brought back to light at the Partagás Factory and it has since then maintained and kept its fame amongst connoisseurs. Médaille d’Or No. 22 happens to be a uniquely priced vitola.

Though when compared with other Cuban cigar brands, the brand is produced in smaller quantities, it still keeps being famous amongst the elites.

It is currently a pre-evolution brand and before 2019, it was widely known as a local brand. Its range is available in medium strength cigars and tobacco from the premium Vuelta Abajo region, are used. However, a non-Cuban brand with the same name as the brand also exists.[/show_more]

La Gloria Cubana

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