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Juan Lopez Cuban Cigar

Juan Lopez Cuban Cigars is a cigar brand produced for the Cuban government-owned tobacco company, Habanos SA, on the Cuban Island.

The Juan Lopez Cuban cigar brand was set up by Juan López Sena, also known as Juan López Diaz. [show_more more=Read-More less=Read-Less]It produced cigars in Havana on Calle de los Dragones. The Cuban cigar brand was later transferred to his heirs in 1908, and in 1918, it was later sold to the Sociedad Cosme Del Peso y Cía, and until the Cuban revolution, they owned the brand. The brand was named Flor de Juan Lopez but came back to its original time later through the transitions.

Later, the Cuban government acquired the Cuban cigar industry and held the factory where Juan López was produced. Production continued, and currently, every Juan Lopez is hand made at the La Habana factory, Havana.

Juan Lopez Cuban Cigars brand was established in the 1870s before the revolution. Habanos SA categorizes it in its “Other” marketing category. Under the pre-2019 classification system, it was viewed as a Local brand. It has a small market share, even though it is a prevalent choice for regional editions. The range consists of average to full strength cigars with tobacco sourced from the top Vuelta Abajo region..[/show_more]

Juan Lopez

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