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El Rey del Mundo Cuban Cigar

El Rey del Mundo Cuban Cigars serves as the brand name for two high-quality Cuban cigar brands; one is manufactured for Habanos SA, a tobacco company owned by the Cuban State. The Villazon family manufactures the other in Honduras.

It is believed El Rey del Mundo Cuban Cigars was created with Sancho Panza in 1848 by Emilio Ohmstedt, a German businessman. It was once the costliest and most prestigious cigar brand globally in line with its Spanish name that means King of the World.

[show_more more=Read-More less=Read-Less]Antonio Allones, a Spanish businessman, acquired the brand around 1882. Although, another version of the brand’s history claims that the brand became obsolete after the death of Ohmstedt’ and then it was re-registered by Allones. However, Min Ron Nee insists that the brand went from Ohmstedt’s company to Allones, according to records that state that Allones owns El Rey del Mundo since 1873.
The brand got to its height of global standing under Allones. The Díaz Hermanos y Cía venture, which is owned by Cándido Vega Díaz Company, bought Allones Company in 1905. After the purchase, the company was renamed the Rey del Mundo Cigar Co to show their renowned product. Cuban production was then moved to a factory at 852 Calle Belascoain in Havana. Also, the company produced other renowned brands like Don Cándido, Sancho Panza, and Rafael González.

The brand continued production after the Revolution and sustained its fame throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Still, when most people started desiring stronger cigars, the El Rey del Mundo brand, a milder brand, started losing its popularity as a leading Cuban cigar brand. Despite the reduction of popularity, El Rey del Mundos cigars are still highly respected for their mild and complex flavor. Grandes de España, Choix Supreme, and Demi Tasse are very popular among fans. El Rey del Mundo brand was launched in 1882 and is a modern pre-revolution brand.

Habanos SA categorized El Rey del Mundo under their Other category of portfolio Cuban cigar brands. The range contains light-medium strength with tobacco from the top Vuelta Abajo region.[/show_more]

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