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How does the charge appear on my bank statement?

It depends on which method of payment you use.
We use a variation of “La Casa Del Habano”. We accept payment via credit card, Zelle, CashApp, and other digital forms of payments, depending on what is accessible and safe in your country. Please email us to use any type of payment other than a credit card.

Will the box I receive have a broken seal?

No, every box of Cuban Cigars we offer is closed and inspected by the Cuban Cigar Group to ensure that it didn’t get damaged during transit from our La Casa Del Habano Partners. When you purchase cigars from us, you will rarely have an issue. Should you not be satisfied with your cigars, please let us know, and we will contact you to get a solution promptly.

Are Cuban cigars more robust than any other cigars?

Cuban cigars indeed have a particular taste, which makes them distinct (most specialists agree its the best), but you can find cigars varying from light to full body in strength. The soil, climatic circumstances, and skillful knowledge of Cubans give a Cuban hand-rolled long filler cigar, complexity and delicacy gained in no other cigar.

Does the appearance of the cigar affect the taste of the cigars?

Cuban cigars have various wrapper tones. The blend of the Cuban cigar is the same despite the wrapper coloration. Wrapper coloration will not affect the strength or the taste of any Cuban cigar (wrapper leaf accounts for about 3% of the overall flavor). Remember that a cigar’s age will have far more impact on the characteristics and power of your cigar. A young Montecristo No.2 (0-6 months) will not taste, burn or have the same characteristics as a Montecristo No.2 with three years of age just as it will not taste, burn or have the same as five years of age.

Why are some cigars difficult to draw?

As this is a hand-made, you will typically encounter small distinctions among the Cuban cigars you buy from our company. Unlike machine-made cigars, each hand-made cigar is unique and original. Infrequently, hand-made cigars are rolled too tightly and may not be smoked easily. If you experience this problem, we suggest leaving your cigars to rest for several days if not weeks in your humidor.

Should this solution not help your cigars, we will gladly help you.

Will the cigars be ready to be smoked when the cigars arrive?

Your cigars will arrive within 7 to 14 business days. You can smoke your cigars the same day you receive them. Nevertheless, for an ideal smoke, we do suggest that you allow your cigars to rest in your humidor for up to a week to recover from shipping. Cigars are living matter, give them time, and they will mature.

Why are prices different from one web site to another?

Due to Tobacco duties/ taxes, the prices of Cuban cigars vary from country to country. In Latin America, the taxes are moderately low.
By purchasing your cigars through the Cuban Cigar Group, you are assured of 100% authenticity, superior quality Cuban cigars, we may not have the lowest priced Cuban cigars, but we take care of you.

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