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Habanos S.A. Presents Cohiba Maduro 5 and Reserva de Montecristo

Cohiba Maduro 5

Habanos S.A., the world leader and number one in Premium Cuban cigars, showcased its star launch for 2007 at the Habanos Festival: Cohiba Maduro 5, the new line of mature Cuban cigars from Cohiba. This addition to the Cohiba brand, known for its internationally renowned Clasica and 1492 (Century) lines, was officially presented during the Welcome Night, which marked the beginning of a week-long celebration for cigar enthusiasts. The ninth edition of the festival witnessed a record number of participants.

A Tradition of Excellence

Cohiba Maduro 5 continues the legacy of Cuban dark layer cigars (capa madura) by utilizing the upper leaves of the tobacco plant. These leaves achieve a unique range of dark colors and textures through a meticulous process of natural fermentation. The wrapper, aged for five years, imparts distinctive characteristics to the three sizes of the Maduro 5 line.

These sizes align with the latest market trends, offering cigar aficionados diverse options.

An Iconic Image

Maduro 5 establishes its own distinct identity within the Cohiba brand. While retaining the traditional Cohiba ring, a black lower band bearing the Maduro 5 brand has been introduced. The wooden boxes for Maduro 5 also sport a darker color compared to the Classic and Los Siglos lines, further highlighting the uniqueness of this new addition.

Reserva de Montecristo

Habanos S.A. also announced the launch of Reserva de Montecristo, a special tribute to the Montecristo No. 4 band. Known as the best-selling factory size cigar in history since its inception in 1935, the Montecristo No. 4 has sold over a billion cigars worldwide.

Aged to Perfection

Reserva de Montecristo features a three-year-aged wrapper, binder, and filler leaves. These cigars are packaged in luxurious black lacquered cases, each containing 20 double-banded cigars. The bands consist of the brand-specific ring along with the Reserva ring. Limited to 5,000 numbered cases, this Special Launch is reserved for true connoisseurs who appreciate the essence of a fine Habano.

The Habano: A Luxury Product

The introduction of Cohiba Maduro 5 and Reserva de Montecristo No. 4 strengthens Habanos S.A.’s strategy to position premium cigars as a luxury product. The Casas del Habano, renowned for contributing to the success of Premium Habanos sales and the dissemination of Habano culture worldwide, continues to play a vital role. In 2006 alone, 20 new Casas del Habano were established, expanding the brand’s presence across various locations.

New Releases in 2007

Habanos S.A. has an exciting lineup of new releases for 2007, catering to the diverse preferences of cigar enthusiasts.

Edmundo Size in Aluminum Tubes

The Edmundo size, presented in an aluminum tube, undergoes a refreshing transformation with a new image. This updated image will also be used for the Petit Tubos and Montecristo Tubos.

Limited Editions

Habanos has raised the bar for its Limited Editions, aging not only the coating leaves for two years but also the gut and binder leaves. The Limited Editions for 2007 include:

  • Romeo and Juliet’s Shields: Circumference 50 x 141 mm
  • Hoyo de Monterrey’s Gifts: Circumference 46 x 127 mm
  • Ingenios de Trinidad: Circumference 42 x 165 mm

An Antique Humidor and Habanos Collection Volume No. 7

Las Casas del Habano has unveiled a replica of an Antique Humidor from Partagás. This elegant humidor, originally sold in the early 20th century, will be limited to 200 replicas. Each humidor will contain “50 Sobresalientes” cigars (circumference 53 x 153 mm), exclusively manufactured for this Special Series.

Habanos Collection Volume No. 7 is dedicated to the prestigious brand H. Upmann. This exclusive case houses 20 “Magnum Especial” cigars (circumference 55 x 170 mm), specially designed for the collection, with only 500 cases available.

Redefined Identity

The Churchill’s size of Romeo y Julieta, and the H. Upmann Coronas Major and Coronas Junior, undergo a complete image overhaul. While maintaining their traditional identity and attributes, these brands are presented with a fresh and updated look.

Regional Editions

Habanos S.A. has selected several markets for the Regional Editions, offering unique sizes for cigar enthusiasts in different regions:

  • Middle East: Double Coronas by Bolívar (49 x 194 mm)
  • Canada: Simones by Bolivar (48 x 127 mm)
  • Asia Pacific: Robustos de Larrañaga by Por Larrañaga (50 x 124 mm)
  • United Kingdom: Magnífico by Por Larrañaga (50 x 170 mm)
  • Benelux: Especially Selected Gran Robusto by Ramón Allones (50 x 155 mm)
  • Baltic Region: Vikingos by Rey del Mundo (50 x 141 mm)
  • Spain: Vitola Maestros by Vegas Robaina (50 x 141 mm)
  • Switzerland: Robustos by Punch (50 x 124 mm) & Eminencia de Ramón Allones (44 x 143 mm)
  • Mexico: El conde 109 by Edmundo Dantes (50 x 184 mm)

Habanos S.A.: A Global Presence

Habanos Corporación, S.A., the world leader in the “Premium” cigar market, distributes Habanos in Cuba and over 120 countries through an exclusive network of distributors spanning five continents. With its 28 premium brands and more than 220 formats, including Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás, Hoyo de Monterrey, H. Upmann, Punch, San Cristóbal de la Habana, Trinidad, and Cuaba, Habanos S.A. continues to captivate cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

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