Cohiba, Cuban Cigars that have an amazing history.

Cohiba Cuban Cigars, Amazing Things You Never Knew About the Most Popular Cuban Cigars. Cohiba cigars have grown over the years. Before it became a status symbol and attained global fame, it was a brand reserved only for one man: Fidel Castro. Now, when luxury brands are being recounted, such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris, one […]

Cohiba Behike Most Expensive Cigar

Cohiba Behike Cuban cigars, according to reliable reports, Cohiba had always been known to have been launched in March 1982. However, it was later known that the brand had since existed since 1966 and that it had only been kept for the President of Cuba’s personal use. It is said that a Prince then, named […]

La Casa del Habano Cozumel, Mexico

A new La Casa del Habano location has been launched by DGR Cigars, S.A. de C.V. in Cozumel, Mexico. La Casa del Habano is an internationally registered trademark under the ownership of Habanos, S.A. formed by a flourishing chain of franchise stores. Habanos S.A. has achieved an image and service of distinction in the pleasure […]